The Wagon Wheel Perspective

I got stuck in traffic in downtown Atlanta on Friday evening. It was frustrating and annoying, and people were really stupid as they darted in and out of traffic. I have learned over my many years of commuting to let go of all the pent up emotions around being stuck and simply relax.

During this particularly slow traffic period I thought about what the early settlers of the West would have thought about the concept of a commute. Their arduous travels across country dreaming of a better life for their family makes a commute through downtown Atlanta seem pretty silly. Thinking about wagon trains, wagon wheels and covered wagons made my own air conditioned, music filled drive feel like an all inclusive vacation.

When we complain about our lives it helps to gain perspective from someone who does not live our life. The problems we have would be laughed at by someone who traveled cross country on a wooden seat to find an empty plot of land. Their turmoil and suffering makes our own ‘problems’ seem trivial. I remind myself of this when I throw my own pity party and invite all of my emotions. Perspective from someone else’s life helps me appreciate my own. It’s the wagon wheel perspective that calms me down and helps me count my blessings and let go of the anger. Maybe it can work for you as well?

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