No Need to Wait for a Rainy Day

On this rainy day our puppies – Biscuit & Gravy – were feeling a little forlorn. They sat in front of the door looking out longingly hoping that the rain would end soon. In the mean time they have each other.

In times when we are not feeling our best, when its a dull day or our energy level is a little low, it is nice to have someone to hang around. Someone who understands us, who listens to us, someone who helps us endure whatever it is we are enduring. On these days companionship helps us keep things in perspective.

Who is the person who helps you endure on rainy days? Who is a great friend to you during those times when life is not going your way? And to whom are you that kind of friend? To have that kind of friend we have to first be that kind of friend. Spend time today with the person who helps you be you, and do the same for them…no need to wait for a rainy day.

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