The Wisdom Gained from Curves

Life throws a lot of curves our way each and every day. Experience teaches us how to handle some of those curves, the rest we have to navigate without much knowledge about what to do next. So we do what we think is best hoping that everything will work out the way we want. Sometimes that is the end and in other circumstances the curves just keep on coming. And then life throws us yet another curve, as if we were not already handling enough.

The wisest people I know did not lead easy lives. They have lived through bumps and bruises, great successes and major disappointments. They faced failure and found a way to pick themselves back up, brush off the pain and self criticism in order to keep going. They learned who they were and what they believed by navigating and surviving the curves of life. No one, no matter how many stories they tell, no one has lead a pain free life. Everyone has bad days and many people experience a bad year or even a bad decade. It is how we handle the pain, how we survive the curves life throws us that builds our character.

When I think back about my many years and reflect on the life lessons, I am glad I had a few curves to navigate. My best life lessons were usually the result of a curve or two and how I handled them or neglected to handle them right away. I have imagined what it would be like to have known when the curves of life were coming, what would I have done to prepare? Would I have handled things directly, and if I did would I be who I am today? One change along my path, one curve that I would have skipped may have prevented me from the experience I needed to do what I am doing today.

Maybe the curve you are experiencing today is exactly the one that will teach you your most important life lesson. Maybe the thing that is making you feel ill-equipped is just what you need to be successful in your future life. Maybe you are learning what will make you a better you simply by how you navigate today’s curve. So give this curve the credit it is due, learn and grow and survive, then pocket your newly gained wisdom for another day. Knowing life this is not the last curve you will experience.

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