It is the 37th week of our fifty week calligraphy challenge, and the prompt was ‘serenity’. I will be traveling a great deal this month so I completed this simple one in my hotel room. Sometimes simple is the best way to get your point across. I utilized Sumi ink, brushes on mixed media paper.

Serenity can be an elusive concept and experience. Every day we are bombarded with television, devices, Emails, apps for this and that which follow our every move and demand our constant attention. The thought of putting all that aside to experience serenity seems almost comical, which means if nothing else serenity demands commitment. Commitment to stepping away, to simplicity, to being who you are while being less connected to everything the world tells us we need to be. Serenity means peace, tranquility, quiet, intentional actions and a clearing of the mind. Serenity means protecting your world from the frantic pace and expectations of the outside world.

Being quiet is different than experiencing serenity. Serenity goes deeper and fills the empty spaces with nothing allowing the nothingness to occupy the soul. This purposefulness calms, soothes and invades every crack and crevice providing the time and energy to relax, invest in thought and to let peace envelope every corner of the mind. Most people can handle quiet, very few have the energy to allow themselves to experience serenity. Serenity takes effort and that effort yields inner peace and self control.

In your next quiet time allow yourself to dig deep and invite serenity into your thoughts, the time you invest doing this will yield a great harvest of inner peace.

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