They Reflect Ourselves Back to Us

These trees reflect symmetrically on the water, as if there is a mirror image staring right back at them. Every leaf, shade and dark spot shows upon the reflection just like it does in the original. This reminded me that when we spend a great deal of time with people – our children, family, colleagues, friends – they begin to reflect back to us the characteristics we exhibit most.

The words we use, the phrases we employ, the habits we do without even knowing become the things those around us begin to practice as well. Common language and pronunciations mingle between us and before we know it we begin the behave, talk, and think alike. The people in our lives become a reflection of the person we all too often forget to see in the mirror.

I had a woman tell me about her there year old son using a swear word, and when she asked where he learned that word he said it was when he drove to school with his Dad. The Dad got upset in traffic and without even realizing it was teaching his son a new way to use words and phrases, and maybe not the words and phrases he meant for his son to learn.

Words have power, habits form the foundation of our character and our thoughts permeate everything we do and speak. This mirror image of the waterfront reminded me that what I say and do will be repeated and learned by those spending time with me; it is a good reminder to pause and think before saying or doing something that we do not want reflected in the behaviors of those we know and love.

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