The Beauty of the In Between Times

We are not quite done with Summer yet Fall seems to be approaching rapidly. The bright days and warm nights are slowly subsiding towards shorter days and cooler nights. The late bloomers are showing themselves while leaves change color and begin to fall. These are the in between days, the ones where we are ready for a different season and yet it is not quite here.

It reminds me of the times before a big event, or an organizational change, or even the period before you find that new job. You know you are ready for different and different will soon be here, but it is not here yet. So you wait and wonder how long you will have to wait. I have been coaching many people who know there is a big change coming – marriage, jobs, moving, babies, even retirement – yet they are still living the life they know while waiting.

These in between days can be a blessing. They give us time to settle into the idea of the new without having to manage the anxiety of everything changing. We can clean, plan, reflect, adjust, plan some more, and savor the known before we enter into the unknown. Although most people think this is the hardest time, the waiting and wanting seem unending while the mundane of the current life wears us down. Do you rip the bandaid off quickly or slowly, most people just want to ripped off as quickly as possible. So those in between days can seem awful.

It is really all about how you look at it. Are these in between days time to take a deep breath and relax before everything goes haywire, or does the waiting drive the mind towards worry and anxiety? Having something to do while waiting makes it go faster. Knowing that the change is coming makes us think about what is really important? What do I REALLY want, and how will this change help me get that? Whether you see the change as a positive or a negative thing having the time to adjust before it all gets here is an opportunity to sort things out.

If you are living in the in between days take advantage of this time and figure out what you want…then be patient as it arrives. Prepare yourself, your home, your work, and your mind for the next season before it gets here. That way, once it arrives you can enjoy it even more before the next season in life begins.

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