For the thirty-sixth week of our calligraphy challenge the Ampersand was the prompt. We had a similar prompt last year so I was not excited to tackle the subject again. My brother made a joke about ‘shift 7’ being an ampersand on the computer, so that is what I did. Simple, to the point and a bit sarcastic. I created this with various black pens on mixed media paper.

Sometimes you get an assignment and do not like it. No matter how you try you cannot shake the feeling that it is a waste of time. So what do you do? I usually find my self procrastinating and avoiding it until I can no longer postpone the pain. This week I went the other direction. I did the prompt almost an hour after I read it. I just wanted to get it done. Is it my best work, not in the least. Is it enough for the prompt, absolutely. Sometimes the simple answer is the best answer.

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