Breaking Down the BIG Idea

As we venture through our day we sometimes fail to see the beauty in the small things. Like this close up picture of a fern leaf. I have never seen close up how intricate the larger leaf is built. When I zoomed in I had an entirely new perspective.

The small things make up the big things. The intricate serves as a foundation for the gigantic. The details compile to create the amazing. It isn’t about sweating the small stuff, it is about appreciating how much effort and intricacy goes into big things. Big ideas form from simple solutions and simple ideas are all too often the foundation for big changes. To be able to think big we need to be able to be content with thinking simple.

I have worked with lots of groups and lots of people who could over engineer jello. They are masters at complicating the simplest of tasks. They think that in order to get everyone to agree the solution has to include everyone’s ideas, when in reality the best solution is a simple one. Let the simple then be the foundation for what other people DO moving forward. Let them leverage your simple thought to create something new.

As I walked across our yard I began to notice the small things, the tiny seeds and elements that work together to create the big picture. I had to slow down, simplify my thoughts process and allow the small things to capture my attention. When I thought small and simple I was then able to think big. Sometimes the best way to solve a BIG problem is to think simple, think small, and think about what tiny elements need to be in place for the BIG idea to not look so big anymore.

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