The Strength in Asking for Help

My step daughter and her husband are living in Japan and asked us to buy them deodorant. It may sound funny but this is the brand they need, so we stocked up on their behalf. When we visit we will bring it with us. When you have a need it can be daunting to actually ask for help. Be it a personal need, a professional challenge, or something in between, just asking for help is a step forward.

Several things happen when we ask for help. First, we admit to ourselves and others that we are not perfect and cannot do everything by ourselves. Second, asking for help allows others to step up and meet our need. It gives them a chance to give back to us and it validates their skills and abilities. Asking for help also reminds us that we cannot survive alone and that other people can actually do things better then us, so let them do it. But none of this happens unless first we express the need for help.

Do you remember the last time someone asked you for help? How good it made you feel to be useful, helpful, and to do something important for someone else? It feels good to help people and it allows us to give back without any strings attached. So when we do not ask for help we are robbing others of those same opportunities to feel good about themselves. I believe it is a sign of strength to be able to ask for help and then allow others to do what we cannot do. So next time you need help let go of your pride and admit your need, and allow someone else to do good on your behalf.


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