What would Your Sign Say?

I got stuck behind these two vehicles the other day. I wasn’t frustrated, I knew what was going on simply because the sign communicated the situation clearly. When I had the chance I passed them and went on my merry way. There as no guilt simply an inner thankfulness that they were doing their job and I could go do mine.

Working with people is not always this clear. There is a lot going on in there that we don’t always understand. People are a combination of thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions, all of which vary by person and situation. If the person is quiet it can be hard to figure out whether they are thinking, processing or even paying attention. If the person is a talker they may share a lot of information and it can be hard to filter through to find their true meaning. Wouldn’t it be great if people wore signs to let us know what was really going on? A sign that let us know they were upset or sad, frustrated or confused. Maybe like this truck people could wear a sign that tells us they are working and need no assistance from anyone.

What would your sign say if you wore one? Would it reveal all or simply explain your current situation? Would you ask for help or leave things a mystery? Sometimes the best way to find things out about others is to reveal things about ourselves. By opening the door and letting others know more about us it invites them to share about their own situation. Maybe today is the day you open up and allow others into your space thus giving them permission and confidence to share more of themselves with you.


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