Dare to be So Bold!

Imagine if you will the place where you want to live. If you could change where you currently reside, what would you change? Would it be bigger or smaller, modern or a bit unconventional? Would you keep the same color scheme or move towards a single color across all the spaces? It is fun to imagine a different space, a different place, the possibility that you could change your life by changing the space in which you reside.

There are multiple television programs and networks tapping into this idea. They demonstrate, help people imagine, and then show before and after photos where the audience can watch someone’s dream space come to life. If time and energy were not your limitations, what would you do? How would you design your dream living area?

My brother and his wife are beginning to imagine a different place and space for their future. It is an exciting, daunting and possibly overwhelming thought process. Ideas come and go with the challenge being which idea to land on and start the building process. What I admire is their courage to reinvent and renew their idea of where they want to live. It has sparked in us a renewed passion for where we currently live and how we want to change or update our own spaces.

It is amazing how one person daring to speak about or imagine a change in life encourages others to be so bold. When we dream and have the courage to share our dreams it opens the door for others to ignite their own imagination and think differently. Our ideas spark idea in others until suddenly everyone is dreaming, thinking and imagining new, better and brighter ideas…and who knows where that can lead! Be so bold to share your bright ideas and thoughts and watch them catch the rest of your world on fire. Fling open the doors and let your own imagination run wild!

What do you think - write your thoughts here!

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