Word Collage…

This is the 35th week of our calligraphy challenge and the prompt was to create a word collage using the same word, different words and or different lettering styles. I have done a couple of these in the past and wanted to do a different topic. We had family here for Labor Day weekend – ten people, four dogs, one cat – and we had a blast. We made stepping stones, roasted marshmallows over a fire pit and told lots of funny stories. It was a great weekend and that is what I utilized as my word collage. I used various metallic pens, a white gel pen and Wink of Stella on Artagain black paper.

We have a wedding coming up in our family, which means I gain two great nephews. This is their third visit and as we get to know them we are enjoying them more and more. One likes the outdoors and the other loves to read. It was great to see them both enjoying what they do, being with us, and feeling free to be themselves in this blended family. It is amazing what a little love and attention can do to build a relationship. Somewhere between the romping canines and hot gooey marshmallows everyone endured the bug bites and had fun being together.

The face of the American family is changing. Choices, changes and traditional definitions are morphing to include the variety of sizes, shapes and colors of what we consider the most important people in our lives. This means all the generations have to figure out how to behave, think and decide what is important, who is included and how they will treat each other. It isn’t always easy and the curve balls of living life will always stretch us beyond what we think we can endure. Then a teenage boy eats a s’more, tells a joke, and gets a raucous laugh out of everyone around the fire and suddenly a family is united in time well spent together. For me this word collage symbolizes the magic of time spent together.

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