No Matter Their Shoe Choice

We had family visiting this Labor Day weekend. Each evening we would sit around a fire or on the porch eating dessert and telling stories. We laughed and enjoyed spending time together even if it was a bit chaotic. I noticed during this story telling moment that everyone was wearing different shoes. There is no better way to exemplify our individuality than this photograph.

Family is about who you are related to, who you pick to spend your life with, and who life leads to your door. These are people you love, you argue with, you laugh at and cry about. Family is the group that has your back and drives you crazy. They love you and support you through thick and thin by allowing you to make your own decisions and learn your life lessons.

On this national holiday take time to celebrate the freedoms we are privileged to practice due to the laborious efforts of others. Hug your loved ones and give them freedom to be themselves, no matter their shoe choice.

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