Visiting Grandma

Biscuit and Gravy love visiting their Grandma. They have been trained to go to her house when they hear the word ‘grandma’. It’s a place where they get a treat, get loved on, get to rest, and they know they are safe and loved. It is a respite from their day to day and a special place that they know and love. Here Gravy sits and waits for Grandma to come back so he can visit.

If we are blessed there are special people in our lives that we love spending time with because they bring out our best. They are a safe haven and and refuge from our everyday life. They provide a place where we want to go and are sure of how we will be treated once we arrive.

For people in your life you may be that special person. You may be the one place they can be themselves and where you look forward to falling asleep on the couch. It means being yourself even when you do not feel like it simply because they need what you provide. Or you may have a ‘grandma’ in your life that provides a safe haven for you to relax and unwind and feel loved. Either way take time to appreciate your ‘grandma’ and all they provide.

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