Come Together…

We are in the 34th week of our private calligraphy challenge the goal was to collaborate with someone else or bring two different things together. I thought about the creative people I know and with whom I might want to collaborate. I travel to the same hotel about twenty weeks a year, which means I get to know the staff pretty well. Dani is a budding Calligrapher and I thought it would be fun to challenge her. So I asked her to create something around the Come Together theme, then I would follow in her foot steps.

She actually created three options, so I did something with each of them. Below you see the three pieces of paper she handed me, now it was my turn.

Dani’s Three Original Ideas

My first challenge was to think about how I wanted to collaborate with her work, still highlighting what she had already accomplished. I asked her if she had any thoughts about what she wanted me to do, and she gave me full artistic license to do anything I wanted. For Option one I simply thought about how to fill in the blank space in the center, and for me that meant writing letters around the circle. I used Pentel brush markers, metallic pens, and a .28 Uniball. To add interest I filled in the negative space of her letters and placed a small dot between each word.

Option 1 – The Blank Circle

For the Second option I had to think about how to complete the second half of the word love. She did only half the letters with watercolor pencils, which led me towards finishing with watercolor pencils. But that was the obvious choice so instead I thought about what we both love, which is letters, so I made a cute version also with watercolor pencils.

Option 2: Unfinished ‘Love’

For Option three I had to think of how not to make the obvious choice and simple mimic her letters to complete the phrase ‘come together’. She did a great job writing the words of the lyric very small and cleverly inside the word ‘come’…which made me ponder. How to make this one different, so I put it one black paper and wrote in the opposite color which was white. I used a gel pen on Canton black paper.

Option 3: Lyrics

It was fun seeing the prompt through someone else’s eyes, and encourage them to go beyond where they thought they could create. It also meant letting go and being open to working on whatever she decided to invent. It pushed me and allowed me to have fun seeing her grow and experiment.

We forget how much we know and how much others who are just getting started have to learn. At one time that was us and someone took an interest and encouraged us along our path. I was blessed to be able to nudge Dani forward in her skills and let her see how much fun being creative with letters can feel. My hope is that when this group adds new members next year that Dani will be willing to give it a go.