Using Them Like an Ottoman

You know someone loves you when they let you use them as a footrest during nap time. Gravy stretched out and put his legs on Biscuit, she didn’t move a muscle and didn’t even seem to notice what he did. They slept that way for a long time until he moved again and repositioned his legs. They are sweet dogs and bring a whole new life and energy to our home.

It is a special thing to be known and loved for who you are no matter how you behave. It is the peaceful moments in life that remind us of what is truly important. When the world is calm and our technology is silent, THAT is when we can remember why we do what we do, why we have chosen to be who we are, and when we remember what is really important in our world.

For you it may be nap time, or bedtime, or a quiet moment on the sofa. No matter when or where it is be sure to allow yourself quiet time to relax and reflect on who you are and what it important to you. Take time to give thanks for the people and creatures in your world that love you even when you use them as an ottoman.

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