Less Like Everyone Else

When we get to know people we usually start with the surface elements, and as the relationship progresses we begin to understand the inner person. We experience the pleasant and later on possibly the unpleasant parts of people. We see their good side and their not so good side. Being in a relationship with people means we have to take everything, otherwise it’s not much of a relationship.

The best relationships I have are the ones with people who are not like everyone else. They are interesting, unique, and share of themselves both in their time and their passion. As I think of my friends I see different things in each of them, and their uniqueness brings great value to my own world. Their courage and stamina allows me to exhibit more of that myself. When I hear about their dreams it gives me permission to dream bigger. It is the one of a kind friend who allows me to be more myself than I thought possible.

So today I am reminded that being myself and sharing my thoughts and passion with others I grow in my own being, and I allow others to do the same. I am able to be unique and wonderful more and more as I am surrounded by people who are doing the same. So what kind of friend are you, and who are you helping to be more like themselves and less like everyone else?

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