Listen to Someone Else’s Woes

Sometimes we get so focused on our own problems or challenges that we lose perspective. We no longer see clearly what is really going on around us, so we also lose the ability to mange how we are impacted by our blown out of proportion problem.

Case in point. I talk to lots of people and this week was no exception. I was frustrated with something that happened in my own life, and felt angry and disappointed. Then I talked with a guy who told me of his company CFO who was scheduled to retire in April, postponed it until July 1st and died of a massive heart attack on June 15th only two weeks before his retirement. Suddenly my problem didn’t seem very important anymore. I then talked to a friend who had family challenges involving extra marital affairs and stealing. After that conversation I realized I had no problems at all.

Those conversations provided perspective. Instead of getting focused on myself the stories helped me realize too many people have many more challenges than I could ever imagine. I needed to chill out, take a deep breath and count my blessings. We just never know what people are dealing with. We don’t get it until we ask and listen to what they are telling us.

So today I encourage you to get over yourself and listen to someone else’s woes. No matter what they tell you it will help you gain perspective on your own life and your own world.

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