An End of the Tunnel Kind of Day

When times are bad there is the old saying that there is at least light at the end of the tunnel. The other side of that saying is that you hope that light is not another train. When trouble arrives in life it can seem to overwhelm us. Bad brings on bad, which brings on more bad. One thing after another bombards us until we think we can’t take anymore. These are the trying times of life that test our character, our beliefs, our patience and our ability to see any sort of hope in the future. It can feel like we are a hard times magnet and nothing will end the tyranny of trouble.

As adults we know that tough limes never last. They may extend beyond where we wanted them to, but they never last forever. Sometimes your only hope is that the light at the end of the tunnel proves that darkness will be followed by something better. It is that light that shines a little glimmer of hope, just enough to keep us moving forward. It’s just one more step, that’s all we have to do today, and tomorrow we will tackle another step.

I have several friends’ whose lives are in turmoil right now. Everything seems to be topsy turbo and nothing that they banked on resembles the life they are leaving today. So they trudge along one step and one day at a time with the glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel. I had one friend she would prefer to be bit by an oncoming train that be left to deal with the demise of the life she knows. Needless to say she is rather depressed and having a hard time even thinking about tomorrow let alone having any hope.

We’ve all been there. We have all survived things in our lives that we never thought possible. And if we allow ourselves we realize that those were the times that confirmed and solidified our character. The bad times made us who we are today AND taught us how to be a better version of ourselves. I talked about this with my friend and she knows it, it’s just hard to do it every day when there seems to be no end in sight. When I left her her goal was to wake up the next day and maybe NOT think about it first thing, she would wait until after she got ready for work and would then think about the mess. And she said she would look for the light at the end of the tunnel and dare to believe that it was the end, not another train.

Be aware of those around you who are having an end of the tunnel kind of day. Allow them to deal with their emotions and maybe your job is to simply give them a hug, pat them on the back and allow them the time to deal with it all.

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