Noun Groups…Plan B

This week our thirty-second prompt was noun groups. Any term used to describe a group of nouns – gaggle of geese, murder of crows, etc. I looked up many and was entertained that a group of otters floating in water is called a raft. My husband made this Lino cut a while ago and reminded me yesterday of this little fellow. I had another idea and not the skills to pull it off, so I opened the drawer where he stores his blocks and saw this face staring back at me. I printed him using gel print inks, then embellished with Copic markers, Sharpies, and black glitter pens. The letters were created with a micron pen and the paper is some mystery paper I found at the bottom of my paper drawer. I like him, I think he looks cute and friendly.

I pondered all week about my idea and how to pull it off, in the end I started and realized I didn’t have the skill or energy to execute it. So I went to plan B. The key to success in life is all about how to handle plan B. If I didn’t write this blog no one would have known this was not my intended idea. What they don’t know won’t hurt them.

I had a woman who worked for me that got very caught up in the details and everything being perfect. She stressed herself out AND everyone around her. She once asked me how I was so calm when things went wrong. I said it’s easy, when everyone finally receives the end result of my work they have no idea that it is actually plan B or even plan G. They think it was plan A. All too often we judge ourselves by our intentions when others judge us by our end result.

This week’s prompt and end result reminded me that success is knowing when to move forward with plan B.

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