Lesson from a Ginko Leaf

One of my favorite stores had these Ginko leaves as part of their display. They are wooden, metal and paper all dyed or colored with various shades of Fall. I was intrigued as the Ginko leaf is one of my favorite symbols. I love the shape and beauty of the delicate leaves and how bright they become in Fall.

A couple years ago we planted two Ginko trees on our property. They grow very slowly and all too our trees seem to be struggling to survive. Ginko trees symbolize longevity and profound endurance. They are a sturdy tree and live for hundreds of years. Their ability to endure no matter the elements stands true as there are two Ginko trees in Japan that survived Hiroshima and still grow to date. When I learned that I stopped worrying about the two we planted. They will live long and endure any Georgia summer.

Bad times come and bad times go. Things go your way and then they don’t. Life is not a merry-go-round it is more like a roller coaster. Seeing these Ginko leaves reminded me that no matter what happens, what surprises are around the next turn, what explosions life brings we can endure. It may be tough and hard work and mean we have to stand tall and stay grounded, but we can endure and survive anything. All we have to do is tap into our own inner strength and let time do it’s thing.

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