The Courage to Choose and Then Live

We all have choices to make, and some of those choices get easier as we get older. Once we have a bit of experience under our belt we begin to understand ourselves better and gather a bit of insight into what we want to be when we grow up. The choices we have in our twenties and thirties are different then the choices we have in our forties and fifties.

I recently spent time with a group of young men in a graduate level course, most of which had no idea what they wanted to do when they got out of school. They were in their very early twenties and struggling with who they are now and how that becomes someone they want to be in the future. We spoke for a while and I asked questions of them trying to get them to think about all this a little differently.

Our time made me glad I am not in my twenties or thirties anymore. When I was in my twenties I had a plan that built brick upon brick to create what I thought would be my ideal future. What happened was I traveled a much more elaborate and ornate path and ended up in a place I could never have imagined. My plan was boring compared to the life I have actually lived. I am blessed my plan didn’t work out.

But how do you convince someone who has no experience that THIS is their experience? How do you help them understand that what they do now and the choices they make today will get them somewhere, and that somewhere is more than they could ever imagine. We all have dreams and ideas for our future, the people who are willing to do the work AND take a few chances end up living a life that is the ride of their life. Do you choose the steady and safe brick by brick path, or the ornate and individual path, or maybe a little bit of both? Good news is we all can still make these kinds of choices no matter our age, the real question is do we have the courage to choose and then live?

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