Simple and Obvious May be the Best Answer

Things around our house have been a little dry. Not much rain and lots of hot weather. The plants look a bit worn down as if they are gasping for life. I spent time today weeding (one of my least favorite things) and watering the sun burned plants around our house. I gave it a few hours and miraculously everything looked much better. I kicked myself as I had waited too long to do that and the simple thing did the trick.

When we have something to do we plan, we gather what we need, and we dive right in. All too often we have overcomplicated things and over engineered a solution, when a simple thing could have made all the difference. Instead of using big tools sometimes a simple one will do the job. I am reminding myself of this as all too often I procrastinate things because I build them up into bigger problems than they really are. Simple is best…like watering plants and pulling weeds. It’s may not be sexy or new fangled or sound glamorous later when we tell people about our day, however simple usually does the trick.

What problem is nagging at your brain that a simple and obvious solution could help resolve? It might not be clever or allow you to tell a great story later that highlights your ingenuity and brilliance, but it will solve your problem and allow you to spend time thinking about other more important things. What if today you focused on simple and obvious and left it at that? How much stress would that relieve and free you up to think bigger, more long term, and be more focused?

So tomorrow – if it doesn’t rain tonight – I will water and weed and act on my lesson from today. I will wake up and remind myself that today I can do simple things to make my world better and more beautiful, and spend my brain power thinking bigger and more long term.

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