This is What Enthusiasm Looks Like

My husband and I attended a match in the Southern Honor Wrestling program. It was quite a spectacle – hilarious, dramatic, silly and fun all rolled into one. We shared a table with this little guy and watched him have a blast! He cheered for the good guys and booooed the bad guys. He loved wearing his Nacho Libre style mask and played with his action figure all night long. He reminded me what pure enthusiasm looks like. He was a never afraid or ashamed to yell out his thoughts and he encouraged others at our table to do the same, simply by doing it himself with such exuberance.

I earned my MBA while working a full time job, starting a business, and planning my wedding. It was a crazy time and on graduation day when I was handed my diploma I screamed a shout of Joy! Before I could take a step the Professor who shook my hand whispered a reprimand in my ear about how I was not showing the proper decorum for someone with an advance degree…so I yelled again, this time even louder!

Somewhere along our path of growing up we replace our childlike sense of enthusiasm for composure and professionalism. We learn to curb our passions and communicate them in a more adult and calm manner. We hunker down and find more politically correct ways to show our enthusiasm. Somewhere we learned or were told that outbursts and yelling, cheering and making noise are only for certain arenas and not for everyday life. We were scolded when we got all fired up and taught to contain ourselves and behave. How I miss the days when I could scream at the top of my lungs or sing silly songs while swinging high into the air on our swing set instead of being told to act my age. I envied this little boy who wore his wresting mask all night long with pride and unfettered enthusiasm.

When was the last time you yelled at the top of your lungs, cheered the hero or booooed the bad guy? When did you let the emotions of excitement and uncontainable passion well up so much that you had to let it all out in a physical reaction? Or did you stuff it down deep and simply clap to show your thwarted emotions? I encourage you to let them out, let them flow, and let the world know you are so excited that you can no longer contain yourself. Wear yourself out then go to sleep exhausted by your on enthusiasm…I have no doubt this little guy fell asleep on the way home still holding his action figure.

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