Leveraging Someone Else’s Talents

I enjoy doing many things, cooking is not one of them. I learned that after preparing and cooking the food I no longer wanted to consume it. Can I cook yes, do I enjoy doing it no. So when people ask me about my favorite kind of food I say anything prepared by someone else. I felt guilty for years about being a woman who doesn’t like to cook, then I realized who really cares? The people in my life are not starving to death because of my lack of desire to do this so let it go and let someone else do the cooking.

The challenge is I am married to a foodie who loves food, loves to talk about food, loves to look at food, loves to shop for food and to prepare as well as eat the food. When we travel we visit markets and he looks to find the most unique thing he wants to eat. I go along and think about the food we see differently. I take photos to see the colors, the textures, the shapes and sizes while working hard to avoid being grossed out by the thought of eating any of it. I am never bored and usually after these market visits he wants to eat something and I enjoy watching him enjoy eating something strange.

This dynamic in my own home has taught me how to leverage people’s talents in many other areas of my life. Though I want to I do not have the time nor the talent to do everything myself. These limitations of being a human being have taught me to let others do what they do best. Let them be active and shine and savor doing the things they enjoy and want to do and step back. Giving up control and being realistic about who I am and what I like and do not like allows others to excel and lets them be challenged to fill in the gaps.

I have also learned that in the areas where I have expertise and lots of experience, and am passionate about the topic I can step back and allow others with those same interests a chance to learn what I know. I can be the expert and let someone else do it so they too can become and expert. This is harder and yet much more satisfying in watching others learn and grow and develop into who they want to become. Letting go and letting others do things gives me the opportunity to do what I do best or gain back valuable time to do what only I can do.

As a leader and human learning to leverage someone else’s talents is an amazing skill, a gift of time, and forces self understanding and self control. Letting others do it in no way minimizes my own self, it actually demonstrates wisdom and allows me to be more of myself and let others learn how to be a better version of themselves.

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