Well Worth the Effort

This is the inside of an outdoor planter. The outside of the piece doesn’t have this same character. Though the outside is beautiful I think the inside is more interesting. The problem is that once you fill it with plants and flowers no one will see the inside.

Isn’t that true for people as well. Usually the best parts are what is on the inside. It is the part that is hard to see or get to know. It is their personality, their character, who they are inside that makes them attractive and interesting. If we simply judge them by how they look we miss the most interesting part.

We live in a superficial world. We value things like beauty and youth when in reality those things are fleeting and very misleading. Just because someone is beautiful does not make them more important or better than someone else. And youthfulness brings with it energy and passion, but does not provide any experiences or expertise to substantiate why youth should be chosen over maturity. Beauty and youth can have incredible character however they are no guarantee.

It takes time to get to know someone’s character. It is who they are when no one is looking. It is what they know and have experienced before they ever walked into your presence. Character is what makes them unique and trustworthy, respectable and honest. Character is tested over time and proves its value when the going gets tough. I have learned over the years that character is a better measure for the wroth of a person than anything external.

So today your challenge is to get to know someone and better understand their character. Which also means giving someone the chance to know your character. How can you let the you inside show to the people in your world? Letting people in and seeing what they are made of takes time and effort, and is well worth the effort.

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