Maybe It’s Time for Some Fine Tuning

This piano was sitting in a salvage yard, waiting to be repurposed or reused as something else. The keys and elements are dusty, there is no sound anymore, and everywhere you look you see worn down. I think there are days and times when we all feel this way. The music that would play and bring such joy into life seems to be long gone.

We all hit those points when we wonder what to do next. Do we change, do we adjust everything, do we tweak or do we tune up? When things seem long gone it can feel like everything is done and there is nothing left worth using. This piano looks like it has hit that point.

I am a firm believer that everything can be utilized for many, many things. We have a three dimensional piece of art in our Foyer that was created from recycled piano parts. I own jewelry made from recycled piano wire. I have even seen the insides of a piano hung on a wall as art in a music room. Just because the original purpose or obvious use has come to an end doesn’t mean that the future doesn’t hold great excitement for another use. It simply means thinking differently and being willing to investigate and refuse things in an entirely new way.

When we feel like we are at the end of our purpose, maybe it is time to find a new one, a different one, a unique one. It may mean investigating and being open to other ways of doing things, things we might not have considered in our original design. Life is not about only having one purpose, it is about being productive no matter in what stage we find ourselves. We all will get old and wear out – if we are lucky – and sometimes the best years are the ones where we invent ourselves over again after a little fine tuning. Not able to make music anymore, then what can you do that will still bring joy to yourself and others?

I was excited to see this piano in a place where it will be repurposed. It gave me ideas and made me think. I might have to go back and buy a few of the parts in order to fulfill my own ideas. Who knew that an old piano could spark excitement simply because it was old and dusty. Take time to fine tune yourself, my guess is you will be pleasantly surprised by what you discover.

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