It is Good to be OK!?!

I recently had lunch with my Mom at the OK Cafe, an Atlanta landmark. It is a traditional diner where you will see every walk of life stroll down the aisles. While we were waiting for our table we saw everyone from a construction crew covered in dirt to an executive wearing a hand tailored three piece suit, mothers with children and girl friends reuniting after a two year span of time. Everyone who is anyone eventually eats at the OK Cafe. I ordered the chicken pot pie, served of course in a non-traditional way. The ‘pie’ was deconstructed and served under a hand made ‘OK Cafe’ crust. It was yummy and served piping hot within five minutes of us ordering.

Why go into all this detail about a diner? Who cares about a deconstructed pot pie? Ok, I will get to my point. It is nice to know that some things in the world never change. The diner had a fire two years ago and was closed for more than a year. The neighborhood and regulars chipped in and supported the kitchen and wait staff while they were out of work, thus ensuring that the people they loved serving them would be at work again once the diner was back in business. THAT is what I mean by landmark. The place, the people, the food all combine to make this place one not to miss.

Sometimes we need things that we know will be there, that we know will be OK when we arrive. We need that in places and more importantly we need that in people. We need to know people we can rely on to be who they are in good times and bad times. We need that stability to help us navigate this crazy, topsy turbo world. Knowing that some things can be relied upon makes all the other stuff bearable.

Maybe you are still looking for that kind of relationship. Maybe you are that person to someone else. Maybe you have friends that see you that way and you need to be reminded that being OK is a good thing. Maybe how you live your life and who you are is more than OK, it is a landmark for people in your life. They know what to expect and you deliver it piping hot every time. It is good to be reliable and OK in all things. If a chicken pot pie can do it so can you.

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