Three Horses at a Stop Sign

We had to wait behind some of our neighbors at a stop sign. A few rain drops were beginning to fall and the horses were in no hurry to get across the road. Once they crossed the road they went straight for the grass and a softer place to stroll. Just another fun Friday night roaming the neighborhood at the end of a warm summer day.

The children in our county went back to school yesterday, which for our area means summer has come to a close even though the temperatures still soar into the nineties. The evening crickets and summer bugs are still load and remind us that warm temperatures are here to stay for a while. Fireflies cover our yard and the frogs jump from board to board on our rain soaked front deck. The fence around our property has been enclosed so the cat and dogs roam freely enjoying their new found independence.

It is the simple pleasures that make life sweet. Summer bugs and fireflies, purring cats and horse hooves crossing the streets, and enjoying where you live. These are the times that remind me that we work to live not live to work. We each only have so many hours in a day and warm summer evenings are the reason we work; to be able to enjoy our lives and our choices when the day is crawling to a close.

What are the things you enjoy about the place where you live? What sounds and smells remind you why you get up and go to work? What choices have you made in your life that have brought you to where you are today? And when was the last time you enjoyed those choices and were thankful for where you live? Let these three horses at a stop sign remind you to give thanks for the simple things in your own world.

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