Lessons from a Fence Builder

We are having our property fenced, which is a HUGE job. It has taken the company we hired two weeks to complete the job (North Atlanta Fence & Gate). They have the gate in place and all the posts, tomorrow they start installing the wire perimeter that encloses everything. Thus far their activities and hard work have exceeded our expectations.

As part of their process they install a pedestrian gate on the main gate. That way you can exit the property on foot without having to open the main gate. The owner of the company noticed that my Dad gets around a lot on his golf cart, so he had the pedestrian gate built wide enough for the golf cart to get through without hitting the sides. Without even asking us they solved a problem we didn’t even know we might encounter.

As part of this process we had our land surveyed to verify the property borders. Come to find out that one of our neighbors had built a service driveway onto his land which actually sits on our property. Our new fence would cut off his use of the service driveway so we are altering our fence to accommodate his needs for a short period until he no longer needs the service drive. What this means to the fence company is that our plans have changed from the original contract. Instead of complaining they built a more attractive fence on the shared area so both homes would find it complimentary instead of an eye sore. Once again solving a problem we didn’t know we might encounter.

The company building this fence has reminded me that a job well done doesn’t always mean doing the job. It means doing the job the way you would want it if you lived on the property AND solving problems you know the client will encounter but the client has not figured out yet. It means providing service and care for the people who will use your product everyday, no matter how much work it takes.

We have been blessed and humbled by the care and service this company has provided. They reminded us that taking pride in doing the job right has an impact on everyone who encounters your efforts. Hats off to the hard working men and women who have made our home and life better simply by doing what they do best.

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