Change Means Daring to Believe

Over and over again we travel back and forth through the same paths sometimes building character and others times simply digging ourselves a rut. The difference between the two is where the path leads us and what we learn along the way. A willingness to change is the difference between the two.

I spoke to someone today who had reached a point where they were questioning where they were in life and contemplating a major life change. They were in a rut and realized it a little too late. The time had come for them to think, and ponder, think some more and decide when and how to act differently. We spoke for a while and they decided on next steps and conversations they needed to have before doing anything different.

Making a change no matter where you are in life can be difficult. It manes you have to leave behind the comfortable and face the unknown. It also means having the courage to believe that your future can be different, better, more of what you want than what you have today. It means having the courage to take a risk on yourself and your future.

No one got anywhere without taking a risk. Where you are now is simply the end result of the accumulated risks you have taken over the years, only looking back they may not feel like risks as you know how they turned out. Looking forward any type of change can feel life a HUGE deal – scary, tumultuous, unnerving, even exciting and hopeful. Change means facing the fact that something you are comfortable with no longer fits the bill and you desire something different.

So here’s to the people who are facing a change and dare to believe that their life can be more than it is today. Three cheers to you for believing even if only for a minute that you have more to offer than what you are experiencing today. You can do it, buckle up and get ready for an adventure. Leave your rut behind and go for it.

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