Two Words…

This is week thirty of the calligraphy group and the prompt was two words of advice that you would give a younger version of yourself. We were only allowed to use two words. I could think of lots of two word combinations that would be great advice, but I couldn’t figure out which one would be best and then it hit me…reject perfection. I utilized Sumi and Pentel brush pens, white gel pen, wink of Stella on Strathmore calligraphy writing paper. I used a deckled edge ruler to alter the edges.

Perfection seems to be such a challenge for so many people. Most high achievers struggle with giving up control to someone else. It’s easier to do it than to wait for others to do it, and do it right. I hear it all the time when talking to people who are over worked and stressed out. Working to get everything perfect is exhausting. Learning to let go and not expect perfection is a hard request.

Not being perfect does not mean you will settle for less than, it simply means you know when good enough is good enough. It also means you are willing to allow others to fail and learn and try again, even if it means failing one more time. And finally not being perfect means you have embraced and understand that no one and nothing is always perfect.

So this week I am reminding my self that perfection is not necessary. Perfection is not attainable all the time, and it is a lie that we tell ourselves that will drive us insane if we let it. So let go, embrace good enough when it fits and take a deep breath. It will all get done and everything will be okay…and the earth will still revolve around the Sun even if today you do not do everything perfectly.

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