It’s Coming, You’re In It, Or it’s Fading

I’ve been driving lately through lots of roadways under construction. There are orange barrels, messed up lanes, even the occasional hazard or detour sign. The road ways are warning me that danger is ahead. Wouldn’t it be great if life gave us those same warnings? If we knew without a doubt that something troublesome was on our path or that we should proceed with caution?

Life doesn’t always work that way. Sure there are sometimes signs or subtle hints that we may or may not pay attention to when we see them. All too often we charge ahead without reading the signs right in front of us, and before we know it we are on dangerous ground. Or we see a hint of what the sign is trying to tell us and we avoid it, ignore it, or choose to move along that path anyway.

When trouble hits we want to whine or cry or even feel sorry for ourselves, when it was our choice to go that way. Even if we didn’t know what was going to happen we made a choice. Nowhere in life does anyone have all the facts, no one. We all have to proceed with some combination of wisdom and caution mixed with a pinch of common sense. I rarely hear people whine or complain when things go better than expected, the whining begins when the troubled road is now the only road we can travel.

As I cautiously drove home in the dark night full of rain I was reminded of troubled roads I ended up traveling. Some were worse than others. Some I saw the signs and went that way anyway and in other cases I ended up in a huge pothole wondering where THAT came from? Whew! What a mess. And yet here I am still moving down the road, still driving forward, still pursuing my ideas knowing that somewhere the road will turn and the unexpected bit of trouble will come my way. Experience has taught me that trouble only lasts for a while. Eventually all the danger and construction ends and the road becomes beautiful ad peaceful once again.

No matter where you are right now – the danger is coming, you are traveling through it right now, or you are watching it fade into the distance – live with the choices you have made, and if you do not like where you are then make different choices. The point is you are in life where you have chosen to be, so drive carefully and today choose wisely.

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