Stop, Listen and Change

We all have those things that other people know about us that we do not see about ourselves. This reminds me of when our dog Gravy comes to the door covered in something and is completely clueless as to why we do not want to let him in the house. It takes a few minutes of wiping him off before he realizes that he is soaking wet, and even then I do not think he knows that there is something wrong.

How true is that for all of us? We have a habit, a behavior, or something we do all the time that in essence is a blind spot. Other people see it and yet we are clueless as to what is really going on. These are those moments in life when we need a true friend who will tell us the truth about ourselves, which assumes we are willing to listen and to changing.

In this situation there are two things are going on. There is someone in our life that will tell us the truth about ourselves? And are we willing to hear it then change our behavior? Both can be daunting and yet the harder of the two is being willing to change. We all get set in our ways and figure this is just the way we are and people can get over it. Usually we have no clue as to how our blind spot really impacts others nor do we want to change for things to improve. Change can be hard, old habits die hard, and yet the people and relationships in our lives need to be important enough for us to stop living in our blind spot. Continuing to be clueless will only be tolerated for so long before people simply begin to check out or no longer want to be around us.

Maybe today is the day you listen to people who want to help you be a better version of yourself. Then the ball is in your court. It’s time to change and stop doing the things that prevent us from being the best we can be.

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