Corita Kent…

We are in the twenty-ninth week of our calligraphy challenge and this week we were asked to be inspired by the art of Corita Kent. She was a nun, artist and social activist starting in the 1960s. I googled her and realized I had one of her posters from 1978 hanging in our guest end. It was one of those things that you see it so often that you forget what it looks like then once I saw her work online I was instantly reminded of the years and many places I had hung this poster. It has been with me for more than thirty years.

Instead of trying to create a work like hers I decided to channel my inner Corita and recreate this poster using my own brushes. I think it turned out pretty good. (A photo of the original poster appears at the bottom of this post.) I utilized Pentel ink brush pens on mixed media paper.

We have art all over our home. As I walk the halls I am amazed at the variety and creativity represented by all the different artists we have collected over the years. Seeing the poster again and realizing I actually had one reminded me that we forget and overlook the things we see everyday. They become familiar and eventually invisible. Our mind’s eye walks past them and forgets to appreciate every little detail simply because we see it everyday.

This week I am reminded to pay attention to the beauty in familiar things around me. I am reminded to stop once in a while and remember the stories and ideas illustrated and explored in each work of art. When these artworks were bought they held some meaning or reason and simply letting them hang on the wall does not do them justice. They deserve to be admired and explored frequently so my own ideas, thoughts and inspiration can be brought front of mind.

Who or what do you take for granted simply because you see it everyday? Let this be a reminder to stop and ponder, admire and appreciate the many beautiful things in your world. Let yourself be reminded of why and how you gathered the things in your own space. You may be surprised by the fresh ideas and perspective they provide.

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