The Courage to Say “Yes!”

Meet Malachi, he is the adopted son of dear friends. Today is the day all the paper work is done, the approvals have all been approved, and nothing can take him away from his new parents. He has been with them for many months and on this blessed day everything falls into place.

His birth mother is a teenager who ended up pregnant in her senior year of high school. Instead of terminating her pregnancy she chose to give this miraculous little fellow life, a beautiful life. She was an active participant in her child’s adoption and chose my dear friends to be his adopted parents. His new parents waited ten years for the adoption process, working, growing up, saving, praying and believing that somewhere out there was a child that needed a home, their home, a home where that child would be loved and cherished. One decision led to another and today every decision, every waiting period, every inspection and payment have all been completed.

Some of us are born into the family in which we grow up. Others have broken families and never seem to recover from the pain. And still others have a family that develops over time to include people that didn’t know each other until a process, a system, a prayer and everyone saying “Yes!” brought them all together.

That’s really what it all boils down to, saying yes. Yes I will let my baby live. Yes I will help find a place for my child to grow up, a family that will care for him in a way that I cannot. Yes we will grow up and save and become people worthy of raising that child. And yes, we will love and teach and raise this little boy as if he grew out of our own hearts and actions. That’s a whole lot of unrelated ‘Yes’ working together to change the world of this amazing, funny, lively little boy.

So yes Malachi, you are loved by people across this great land. By a birth mother and father, an adopted mother and father, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends, relatives, a community and people who you haven’t even met yet. Welcome to the family and many thanks to everyone along this journey who had the courage to say “Yes!”

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