It’s week twenty-eight and the prompt was the word Symmetry. I spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted to create perfectly symmetrical letters, and yet I was afraid of not being able to execute perfectly. So I procrastinated. I visited a new quilt/knit shop and found a piece that inspired me. The quilt squares are asymmetrical, and it hit me. Instead of trying to be perfect I would do something that was the perfectly asymmetrical. I used Zig Kuretake brush pens on mixed media paper.

It’s funny how we get an idea in our head and yet don’t know how we are going to turn it into reality. So we procrastinate and that gives us time to beef up our skills and think. While we think other ideas have the opportunity to grow and develop. In my case the new idea usurped the original idea and ended up being better than what I thought.

It’s also funny how something random can bring all our thoughts together to create a better idea. The challenge is we never know when that random stimuli will appear and change our thinking. This week I am reminded to be open, be flexible and be willing to let the original idea go for a different one. Maybe that is symmetry allowing ideas to reflect something other than their perfect opposite image.

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  1. My world is less like random and more like Groundhog’s Day. Wake up, eat my incredibly delicious powdered drink that will turn me into a handsome 20 something prince, read mail, post comments to you, then nap, followed by dinner and two Benedryl chaser.

    I like the spirals. I’m a fan of natural symmetry. So precise that we cannot see its imperfections yet impossible to be perfectly symmetric, as in math (2=2).


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