Capitalism is a Beautiful Thing on all Sides

Capitalism is a great thing. It has allowed us to grow and prosper beyond any of our founding fore father’s greatest imaginations. It can show up in the most obscure places, like the restroom. I was in a public restroom and this invention confronted me in the bathroom stall. Simply wave your hand and freshness will surround you while you exercise your bodily functions. What!?! I actually laughed out loud and thought about the person who invented, designed, marketed and installed this little beauty…capitalism, gotta love it!

One of the down sides of capitalism is that we are bombarded with people trying to sell us things that we neither want nor need. Telemarketers, email spam, actual junk mail in the mailbox and flyers stuck to our car windshields advertising the latest and greatest item or sale. It can be overwhelming trying to stay ahead of the %$#^^$#! So I remind myself of a quote I have in my office that puts it all into perspective…Discipline is remembering what you want.

When I find twenty-seven catalogs in my mailbox (no kidding!) I work to remember what I want. When I have friends ask me to go on trips or cruises or attend the latest event in town, or even go to dinner at a restaurant that I am not particularly fond of, I remember what I want. I then propose alternatives or decline the offer, or suggest how we can do the same or different in a way that aligns with what I want.

I am fortunate that my husband and I have agreed on what we want and how we want to save, spend and invest our money. Sure there is the occasional discussion where we hear each other’s point of view before agreeing on what we want and how we want to get there. We really love where we live and our life and plan to sustain it until we draw our last breath, which means remembering what we want.

I am all for a country where an idea can change people’s lives. I am all for every opportunity that capitalism provides. And I am also for each person’s right to say yes or no to all twenty-seven catalogs by recycling them immediately. I did not wave my hand and experience the joy of being surrounded by freshness, and yet I applauded the idea, the installation and my freedom to decline.

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