Get Over It & Get Moving

When our puppies arrived the cat didn’t know what to do about it. He was smaller, more fragile and those darn dogs seemed to be everywhere. Every time he turned around there was a puppy following him, and as time passed those canine creatures got bigger and bigger. Buschi has realized over the past few months that the dogs are here to stay. So he either had to spend his time under a bed feeling safe or he had to face his fear.

Buschi has figured out how to deal with those darn dogs. He lets them follow him around and even taunts them with his tail. He has learned how to throw it in their faces when he eats treats. Leave it to a cat to figure out how to humble two dogs that are more than ten times his weight. He torments them and somehow gets them to think it was all their idea…brilliant!

I thought about how this little feline has conquered his instinctual fear of canines by simply deciding to live the life he wants whether they get in the way or not. It took him a while but he has done it. He faced his fear by just getting started. He may cry out or get annoyed, but he doesn’t hide under the bed anymore nor does he avoid being in their presence. He has overcome and everyday it is getting a bit better.

When he sits in front of me and watches the puppies sleep, I admire his courage and willingness to overcome their size and the fact that they could eat him in about two bites. It reminds me that most of my fears can be eaten in two bites if I simply get started. Instead of hiding under my emotional bed I need to get moving, get busy and simply take it one day at a time. So here’s to Buschi who inspires us all to get over it, get moving and before you know it you too will be back to ruling your fears.

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