In this 27th week of our challenge we were given the concept of luck for a prompt. What does luck mean to us? What do we feel lucky about? Why are we lucky? Of course all the typical thoughts came to mind – shamrocks, green, gambling and even lucky in love. As I thought about it I realized I do not believe in luck, other than in card games. Most people that I know who are thought to be lucky got what they have through hard work over a long period of time. So I decided to write this phrase. Pentel ink brush pens on mixed media paper.

Luck is really about what we make of the opportunities we are given, and having the ability to see when an opportunity arises. Pair luck with courage and you have all you need to seize what opportunity has brought to your feet. Hard work is the only way to gain what you want out of life, no matter how ‘lucky’ people think you have become. Being willing, being able and being someone who knows what they want and are willing to do the work to get it. The truly ‘lucky’ ones are the people who value what they have worked hard to accomplish.

So today I am grateful that I was taught the value of hard work AND that people think I am lucky in life. I too think I am lucky; I was willing to keep my head down and keep going even when I was not sure exactly when or if I was going to get what I wanted or how my hard work would pay off. I hope that you are lucky, and if you don’t feel that way then keep working hard and let your lucky days find you in the future.

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