Panic is Contagious

I created this piece in class last week. Our challenge was to create a circle with a line through it, however neither the circle nor the line could intersect completely or be created with the same tool. I utilized empty an jello container dipped in Sumi ink for the larger circles, and an empty coffee creamer container dipped in Sumi for the smaller circles. The lines were created using the edge of a dry sponge.

First step, draw the black circles and line. Second step, add the color. In this case it was Pentel brush pens. I added resist to the outside of the circles after the Sumi ink was dry, that way the ink would have empty spaces within and around the dark circles. Third step, create movement or energy within the piece by spreading or smearing the inks and colors. Final step, add words. I liked the way the purple was concentrated in the center then began to bleed into the circle on the right…sort of like panic, no matter how hard we try it is contagious.

Too often we forget that our emotions and behaviors impact those around us. How we think and feel becomes an infection for those in our world. When we are calm, calm is contagious. When we are frantic, frantic is contagious. And when we are in a panic, panic is contagious. I worked with a boss that was always confused, disheveled, late and without focus. After a few months anyone who interacted with her on a regular basis began to feel the pain and confusion became the norm. Even if they were normally very organized and effective her chaos became contagious and everyone was impacted. When she was replaced by someone who was calm and organized everyone functioned within a world of calm and a sense of organization ruled the land.

Let this be a gut check for you and your world. Is the pain you are feeling because of how your emotions and behaviors have infected those in your realm, or are you being infected by someone else’s? Maybe all you need is to take a deep breath, reevaluate what you are bringing to the people around you, and make a change to demonstrate the things you want to be contagious. Maybe you need to ask those in your world how your behaviors and emotions are infecting their lives…then be willing to listen and make a change. Remember, we have the choice to be the problem or the cure…which one will you be today?

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