It’s All About Perspetive

I took a class last week titled: From Chaos to Composition. It was focused on creating texture and movement in our work. We spent the first day creating letterforms using a sponge and Sumi Ink, then added words with whatever tool we wanted. I created an A and later added the words action cures fear.

I went back to class after dinner and stayed late hoping to finish my day’s projects. I focused on this piece and made a HUGE mistake. I then tried to repair it by adding more ink, then the white letters over it all. I left very discouraged and had decided to ask my teacher to use my piece as an example of how to correct errors using Gesso. I was the first to arrive in class the next morning and told my teacher about the piece. She went over to my desk and held up this piece and asked if this was the one I thought I had overworked. I said yes, and she totally disagreed. She said it was a great example of what she was trying to get us to do – texture movement, layers and in my case demonstrate the emotion of fear. Who knew, what I thought was ruined she thought was perfection…go figure!

How many times in life have we had one opinion or perspective and the people around us had the exact opposite? We had an idea in our head of how things would go and once they outlined their points and thoughts our eyes were opened to a completely different way of looking at it. It is when we are open to understanding how other people see and experience things that our own eyes gain a better vision of the world. When my teacher showed me specifically what she thought I had done well I could ‘see’ it. Until then I thought it was a big fat failure.

This reminded me to not give up or throw out what I think is a mistake. All it might need is a different pair of eyes to bring out the good that is hiding behind our projected fears. I found myself living out the words – action cures fear. Sometimes that action is simply being open to how other people think and see things, that may be all it takes to provide a different perspective.

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