It’s Often Times About The Who

Longevity in relationships takes on many forms. For this couple it meant being patient while the attendant gathered their carry on luggage and loaded it onto the carts. I could hear them chatting about details of their trip and what they wanted for dinner, did they sleep on the flight, and other simple, mundane things about their travel. They had a content groove about them having spent years together.

Something happens when we are known well enough for people to know our thoughts by the look on our face, read our minds, or even finish our sentences. It means revealing who we are so that someone else can know the person we are inside, and the other person has to absorb and retain the important tidbits we provide. Its a two way street and sometimes living on that street means patiently waiting with each other for the next step of the journey to begin.

In this instant and disposable world in which we live I was encouraged to see a couple that was still together, still going places, even if it meant doing nothing but waiting together. Sometimes it is not about where you are going or what you are going to see, it is about who is going with you.

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