If You’re Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands

You remember that song, you probably started humming it the minute you read the post title. You learned it somewhere in your youth and it has been inside you ever since. As you were humming when you finished the line, if you were like me, you actually clapped your hands! Hooray for all those people – parents, camp leaders, teachers, pastors, music guides – who taught us songs about joy and happiness when we were children.

Those people were planting seeds within us that they had no idea how they would grow over the years. Generations have been taught things that still roll around in their heads directing their thinking. The words we learn especially those set to music invade our soul and serve us when we begin to teach the words to the next generation.

Words do a lot. They encourage, they wound, they lift us up or tear us into little pieces. We use words so carelessly simply because they are so readily available, and new ones are getting invented every year. Our parents didn’t grow up ‘googling’ topics yet we use this term or perform this action almost everyday. Our grandchildren will use words we never knew existed and we will have to have them explained to us so we can understand and converse.

Today I encourage you to think about the word ‘happy’. What does it mean to you? Who or what makes you happy? And who do you make happy? On that same note, what makes you unhappy or what do you do that makes other people unhappy? As you interact with people – the mail person, the store clerk, your colleagues, friends and family – try to do something that will make them happy. That way when they sing the song they will have a reason to clap their hands.

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