We Know There is Much to Fear…

I am attending a Calligraphy conference and am participating in a class titled; Where Chaos Meets Composition. It is about creating movement and direction in a piece using a process that develops a sense of ‘chaos’. I worked on this piece along with others yesterday and today. It was challenging to learn the process and then put it onto a piece of paper. I utilized black Sumi ink, gold and blue ink, as well as watercolor to build up the layers.

The original letter I was working from was the letter ‘F’. Since taking this photo I have added a slight bit more to the piece. I am not used to working with Sumi in such large areas or this big and dark, and I have to admit that I like it. I am COMPLETELY out of the box, so far away from it that I am not sure I can find it once the class is over. Our teacher is wonderful at pushing beyond where we thought we could go by moving us step by step through a creative process.

No matter the change – good or bad, planned or spontaneous, horrific or joyous – change is hard. Doing things a different way is exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. The things that were easy before now require more thought, more conscious action, more effort and leave people tired and worn out.

As people we fear the unknown, especially when it involves moving away from the safe places we inhabit in our thoughts and actions. Being in this class reminds me that to be successful in moving people away from fear we have to let them get there slowly. We have to provide a process or method from here to there, baby steps towards the unknown. In those baby steps they have time to digest and become acclimated to their new climate and recreate in their our mind how they are themselves in this new time and space. How do they live their life now that things have changed? Letting them move forward one step as a time makes all the difference in the change taking hold and becoming the new normal.

I have the rest of the week to acclimate to my new creative normal and look forward to what other new steps I will be taking along this creative journey.

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