Time Can Be a Little Wonky

I found this clock in the middle of a busy area. I then watched as people walked underneath it. Some people looked up and noticed nothing. while others looked up and noticed something was strange then simply kept going. I noticed one person stopped and looked for a while at the wonky position of the clock face. They stood there and pondered then shook their head and kept walking.

Time on this clock appears to be a little off center. Some people noticed while others just kept going. For the people who just kept on going I had to admire the way they didn’t let the position of the clock face impact their world. They kept right in step with what they were doing. Others noticed and seemed a bit annoyed and yet like the others kept going. It was the one person who stopped and looked that intrigued me. What was on their mind that made them stop? Were they checking if their eyes were seeing things? Were they trying to figure out what was wrong and how it could be fixed? Or were they simply annoyed that such an important part of the area was so poorly installed?

As we all only have twenty four hours in a day, time is precious. When it gets a little off kilter it can throw so many other things off as well. The seasons change our perception of time while the longer and shorter days impact how we feel, how we sleep, how much work we feel we can pack into one day. And when time passes too quickly suddenly everything else moves into hyper motion throwing us into a whirlwind or roller coaster.

How is your time today? Fast, slow, long short, or maybe a little wonky? What part of that equation can you control and what part do you simply need to ride out until a new day begins? Don’t let the perception of time impact who you are and how you manage the time you have today.

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