Fading Patterns

I am at a conference this week as an attendee. It is wonderful to be a student and in learning mode. I am having a great time seeing old friends and making new ones. This conference has been in place for nearly forty years, and some of the attendees have participated in every single one. They come to learn, they come to grow their skills, and they come to see their international friends.

As adults we create patterns in our lives. Habits, preferences, even things we love and other things we avoid. These patterns help us navigate and define our days, and unfortunately they can also limit our ability to experience new things. We put ourselves in a box and become so comfortable there that we forget to look over the edges and see what else is going on in the world.

It is when we allow our patterns to fade and evolve that we learn. The class I am taking thus far is about creating patterns from chaos. Using unusual tools – a sponge, broken sticks, edges of cardboard – to create art and lines and letters. The morning blew my mind as I watched shapes develop from random strokes. I will work late tonight to finish at least two of the four projects we have started. Tomorrow we keep going in chaos creating new items with new ideas.

I utilized this photo for my post as I see the pattern in the top fading and changing. It is the top of a mushroom growing in our front yard. I took a close up shot and loved the patterns and changes as the mushroom grew. It reminds me that my own patterns and habits can and will change as I learn and grow. Today I wish the same for you…may you learn and grow and your patterns fade and change.

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