A Lesson from a Napping Kitty

We were driving down one of our favorite side streets near our house and saw this kitty cat napping in front of his mailbox. The pavement must have been warm from a day of full sunshine. As we drove by there was no movement and he didn’t even wake up. It made me realize that this was a regular thing for this feline and nothing was going to disturb the enjoyment of a little peace and quiet.

When we drove by on the way home I rolled down my window, and this time the kitty woke up. I spoke and got a warm and friendly meow back. I asked how it was going and the kitty began to walk towards the car as if the get to know us better. No where in this interaction was there an ounce of fear, just a friendly sense of peace and neighborhood contentment.

This all reminded me of how we want our lives to be – peaceful, content, void of fear or suspicion. Somehow this cat had it all and the humans in the car were envious of how it had been achieved. Sure the surroundings helped, a quiet country side street with little of no traffic and neighbors who are kind and supportive. Of course the cat was fully fed and had a safe place to live with the freedom to come and go as it pleased without fear or dread. And somewhere along it’s life this little kitty had accepted the world in which it lived and decided to enjoy it each and every minute, even if a car drove by in the middle of it’s nap.

We are in life where we have chosen to be. If we don’t like where we are then we need to make different choices. If we want our world to be more peaceful and content, then we need to be mindful of when we are peaceful and when we are content to recreate those moments as often as possible. Peacefulness is contagious. Contentment is contagious. Chaos is contagious. So today decide which you want to embody and let that be your choice for the day. This napping kitty reminded me that no matter the circumstances I have a choice, so I had better choose wisely.

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