Celebrate Yourself…

We are in the twenty-sixth week of our calligraphy challenge and the prompt was to celebrate yourself. That is such a wide topic that I was a little stumped then jumped right in. I had a great idea for this piece which involved taping off areas of the paper and writing around them. I actually executed the idea twice to only have the tape pull up part of the paper on each version – rats, gnats, bats! After a few choice words it was time to move on to plan B.

I love ink splatters, so I decided to make that my background for my second version. I created multiple versions and selected this one after consulting with my artistic adviser, my husband. I wanted something simple and liked the way this turned out. For a second and completely different final product I like it.

I have learned that trying to force things never turns out the way you thought it would. When you give yourself the freedom to not do what you thought you wanted to do, THAT is when ideas really begin to flow. It means changing your path, changing your mind, and giving up what you wanted to get what you never gave much thought.

My lesson for this week is that sometimes a plan gone bad is the beginning of something better. A tape failure forced me to go another direction and it worked.

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  1. I’m happy to hear you love ink spatters. I’m an expert in drops, smears, and globs of ink. More envelopes went into the trash than in the mail.

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