Stencils & Creativity…

This is the twenty-sixth prompt for the year and the challenge was to create something with stencils using the word creativity or a quote about creativity. I had just bought a new plastic stencil so it was a great chance to use it. I used the stencil to create the word creativity on mixed media paper, then created the other letters around it. I left the main word white to keep it in focus, then used blending markers to fill in the surrounding letters. I used three shades of gray to fill in the background and blend it throughout the piece.

In addition to this piece I recently finished using stencils on my studio work shirt. I utilized fabric markers and dyes to layout the letters and fill in the negative spaces. I wanted it to look as if I had been ‘dipped’ in letters that stuck to my shirt. It turned out pretty good and I am pleased with the way it looks.

If there is one thing I know about creativity, you have to think differently and be willing to make a bit of a mess. Not everyone may understand or even like what you create and yet that is not why most people like being creative. When we are creative we have a chance to step outside ourselves and view things from a different perspective. Tools take on new uses and anything we can think of is possible. We may not have all the skills we need right now to actually execute on our idea, so being patient while we figure out how to pull it off is a serendipity of the creative process.

If you are not willing to experiment and fail, then you will be frustrated by being creative. When I feel my own frustrations rising I remind myself that it is only paper and ink, so let it go and give in to those creative juices. The outcome will be worth the effort even if it is not exactly what you had in your head. Give up control and give in to the experiment, you may just impress yourself with what you are able to create.

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